The Oxford Church of God was pioneered by Eugene G. Gray, Jr.  He started to hold services in the Oxford Grange Hall on January 8, 1967. The church was officially organized by the State Overseer, Paul T. Stover, on March 17, 1967. At the time of the organization, Emory Howard Smith was appointed to serve as the pastor. Pastor Smith was bi-vocational for 18 of his 21 year tenure at Oxford, working at Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore while pastoring the church in Oxford, PA.  When Pastor Smith passed away in 1988, Roger Moore was appointed as pastor of the church by W.A. Davis and the congregation. 

For the first 17 years of the church existence, the congregation rented the Oxford Grange Hall.  On many Saturday nights, there were wild parties held that left the building in shambles. The congregation would clean up the faciliites on Sunday morning before they could use it for worship.

In 1978, the congregation purchased land and built a 40 x 60 foot sanctuary. Most of the construction was done by members of the church. Some of those instrumental in the building of the church were Clayton Jennings, Rex Jennings, Howard Smith, Brother Hanna, Ep Newsome, and Brother Hauffman.

Today, the Oxford Church of God contains a lovely sanctuary with padded pews, a baby grand piano and Hammond organ.  There is a fellowship hall for gatherings. 

To meet the needs of the community, the Divine Sent Food Cupboard was established in the Fall of 2003 .  In 2007, to make the Food Cupboard more accessible to clients, a 20 ft. x 32 ft. x 10 ft. building was erected on the grounds of the Oxford Church of God.  With a team of volunteers, they have been serving our community ever since.

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